“My work now is to support the next generation, to push at courage, to seek new or different language to express the freedoms we need and might imagine.”


Kathy Engel is a poet, educator and political activist. Over the last 38 years she has worked as a producer, consultant, publicist, and convener with artists, change-makers, and scholars in multiple forms and venues – from street actions, to poetry readings, to multi-media performance pieces. Kathy is Associate Arts Professor and Chair of Tisch School of the Arts’ Department of Art & Public Policy at NYU, where she teaches classes such as “Language as Action” and “The Art of Organization.”  Read more…



“To Kneel”

Kathy Engel’s “To Kneel” recited by Danny Glover, Anna Deavere Smith and a chorus of other artists in support of the 2018 NFL protest and the right to dissent, and against racist police violence:


To Kneel

The black men who make wages

from the brutal banging of the skull,

pounding of the knees, and those who

dribble down a court, arms like

branches in the long arc of a pass,

now kneel. The muscles of their

souls, the soles of their cleats,

the stretch of their thighs, the yelling

of their fans and refs, the jabbering

commentators behold: one knee


hand to ground, they kneel,

the weight of their built- up bodies

pulled earthward as if called

by those from before

to kneel now, refusing to salute

this country’s killing field.

Those with the heart to be the lonely

first; their knees sing. Jobs at stake,

they kneel for the inheritors. For the future

dignity of bodies to choose to stand


or touch down. And the joining, too –

some, then flocks, arms threaded,

waving flags of jersey-ed bodies,

an anthem, for the uncountable –

to be counted. And to those

who drop to the knee only

in the recesses of a locked back room

or those who switch and bait

in the light, amid the throngs – or those

who hide behind their whiteness –


who will be there to kneel for you

when such a time comes, as it will

come? What will you say when

your children or your grandchildren,

their friends or lovers ask

what parts of your bodies

touched the ground

in the moment of loyalty,

or the moment of betrayal?

What would I say?




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