Ruth’s Skirts, IKON

We Begin Here: Poems for Palestine and Lebanon, co edited with Kamal Boullata, Interlink Publishing

The Kitchen: with art by German Perez,

Banish The Tentative, Wingding and Honey Press

Journals and Other Publications (a selection)

“Now Listen” – Portside, February 1, 2019

Interdependence”  – The East Hampton Star, June 28, 2018

“Waking” – Poet Lore (forthcoming)

“Dreaming Neruda” in Women’s Voice For Change 

“South Fork Poetry: ‘How Sweet the Time’ – The East Hampton Star

“Where I Live” – The East Hampton Star, reprinted by the Boggs Center

“Now I Pray” – Poetry Magazine, Poetry Foundation

“Return” – Poet Lore, Volume 110, Number 1/2

“Volunteer” – Poet Lore, Volume 108, Number 1/2

“My Daughter’s Convinced” – Poet Lore, Volume 106, Number 3/4

“Return (Etheree)” – Split This Rock Poem of the Week

“Family and Spirit” – The Wide Shore

“Inaugural”  – Women’s Voices for Change

“I Will Not” – Split This Rock Poem of the Week

“Gratitude” | “After the Storm, Praise” | “How the Light Gets In” – Beloit Poetry Journal/Split This Rock Chapbook, 2012

“Amends to Parts of the Body” – Women’s Voices for Change

“Dad, Pete, and Obama” | “Where” | “Prelude” – Foreign Policy In Focus

“Little Disturbances, Enormous Change: Remembering Grace Paley and the impact she had on literature, activism and many generations of women and children.” – The Nation online


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