Eyechart, a collaboration with artist Ellen Driscoll

The Lost Brother Alphabet, Get Fresh Books Publishing

Ruth’s Skirts, IKON

We Begin Here: Poems for Palestine and Lebanon, co edited with Kamal Boullata, Interlink Publishing

The Kitchen: with art by German Perez,

Banish The Tentative, Wingding and Honey Press

Journals and Other Publications (a selection)

“The Gift” in NOW2, Hobart Festival of Women Writers, July 2021

“Now Listen” – Portside, February 1, 2019

Interdependence”  – The East Hampton Star, June 28, 2018

“Waking” – Poet Lore (forthcoming)

“Dreaming Neruda” in Women’s Voice For Change 

“South Fork Poetry: ‘How Sweet the Time’ – The East Hampton Star

“Where I Live” – The East Hampton Star, reprinted by the Boggs Center

“Now I Pray” – Poetry Magazine, Poetry Foundation

“Return” – Poet Lore, Volume 110, Number 1/2

“Volunteer” – Poet Lore, Volume 108, Number 1/2

“My Daughter’s Convinced” – Poet Lore, Volume 106, Number 3/4

“Return (Etheree)” – Split This Rock Poem of the Week

“Family and Spirit” – The Wide Shore

“Inaugural”  – Women’s Voices for Change

“I Will Not” – Split This Rock Poem of the Week

“Gratitude” | “After the Storm, Praise” | “How the Light Gets In” – Beloit Poetry Journal/Split This Rock Chapbook, 2012

“Amends to Parts of the Body” – Women’s Voices for Change

“Dad, Pete, and Obama” | “Where” | “Prelude” – Foreign Policy In Focus

“Little Disturbances, Enormous Change: Remembering Grace Paley and the impact she had on literature, activism and many generations of women and children.” – The Nation online


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