Publication of Women and Migration

March 2019 saw the release of Women and Migration: Responses in Art  and History, edited by Deborah Willis, Ellyn Toscano and Kalia Brooks Nelson. The book includes a piece by Kathy called “Migrations”.

The Art and Public Policy Website comments: “The essays in this book chart how women’s profound and turbulent experiences of migration have been articulated in writing, photography, art and film. As a whole, the volume gives an impression of a wide range of migratory events from women’s perspectives, covering the Caribbean Diaspora, refugees and the contributors, which include academics and artists, offer both personal and critical points of view on the artistic and historical repositories of these experiences. Selfies, motherhood, slavery through the various lenses of politics and war, love and family, violence and Hollywood all feature in this substantial treasure-trove of women’s joy and suffering, disaster and delight, place, memory and identity.”

You can read and download the book for free here, but please consider purchasing a  high-quality ebook or printed editions to support the not-for-profit initiative.